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For God's sake!

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Grand Isle an island off the Louisiana coast, about fifty miles south of New Orleans. Zampa an opera written by Ferdinand Herold in which a character drowns at sea.


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Sign In. The Awakening Kate Chopin. Pop Quiz! Despite their differences, Madame Ratignolle enjoys Edna's company.

Start Quiz. Adam Bede has been added to your Reading List! Edna Pontellier dies with the understanding that she sees no other option for herself, most likely from this societal alienation as well as her own physical removal from the family and the domestic sphere.

The Yellow Wallpaper and The Awakening

It is a choice, but one made by what could be considered a caged beast forced into a corner. It seems that although science fiction is imaginable at high rates enough to give us H. Is it okay, at this moment to colonize a text with my perspective in order to challenge the death of a character, regardless of finding it right or wrong? Absolutely, away with the old and in with the new.

Shattering canonical interpretations of texts should be the goal of any contemporary reader because texts should be malleable enough to evolve meaning with the times.

In looking at Edna, burdened by the suffocation of domesticity, she left the home and her family and ventured alone into the Creole haze of New Orleans. This separation might have also pushed Edna to leave her middle and upper-class neighborhood to find more elsewhere, in the city, where space for different conceptions of morality and family roam, and and one can find freer blurring of race and gender.


Ultimately, I cannot answer to the effect of a character whose own god conveyed the gift of free will. I can however give insight to my own experience learning of this novel. What kind of mother would just leave her children?

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Whatever the justification of the suicide was, students seemed to have an answer for the situation — our society has yet to come to terms with the complexity of depression and we still have trouble adjusting the fact that many people of our world take their own lives. I do not suggest creating a class called, Female Suicide ; a case study on the heroine death , although I would surely take that course!

'The Awakening' Made Me Realize That Motherhood Would Drown Me - Electric Literature

But, in looking at the cracks of canon one can sometimes catch a glimpse of something which we have hidden for the reason of keeping some of our shame as a culture. Allowing for so many women to go on living lives of boredom, domesticity, silence, and the many injustices one might have to face with in the private spheres, is something Americans and others have to cope with, and still endure. But literature is a laboratory — for academics and scholars, text is to us what numbers are to mathematicians, what chemicals are to chemists, what chromosomes are to biologists.

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We need these cracks in order to find origins and endings, in order to find new structures and foundations, in order to find fault and decompose. We need to deconstruct and tear down before we can build again.