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When Grandpa Nod got sick, Jack's mother said eight-year-old Jack was too young to visit his grandfather in hospital. When Grandpa Nod died, Jack's mother said Jack was too young to go to the funeral. One day after school, Jack gets on the wrong bus.

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To his surprise he discovers Grandpa Nod is in the driver's seat of the empty bus. Grandpa Nod takes him to all the places Jack was too young to go-the hospital, the funeral home and the cemetery. By the end of the ride, Jack has had the chance to tell his grandfather how much he misses him.

And with his birthday coming soon, Jack receives a very special gift-Grandpa Nod's bus schedules. So even if he does get on the wrong bus, Jack will always be able to find his way home. Chapter 2.

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Thunderbird works around broken text interface implementation. Maria Mavridou. Grandpa Nod takes Jack on a different kind of bus ride, to let him know what it was like to die, and to let Jack say a final farewell. The Wrong Bus , by Lois Peterson and illustrated by Amy Meissner, is an easy-to-read chapter book about a boy dealing with the death of someone he loves. Jack is an eight-year-old who doesn't get the chance to say goodbye to his dying grandfather because his mother continuously tells him that hospitals, funeral homes, and cemeteries are "not for eight-year-olds.

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Jack asks questions like, "Did it hurt? When this story first begins, readers might think that the bus ride Jack is going to take with his grandfather is going to be a fun one because, just before Grandpa Nod arrives in the wrong bus, Jack reflects on all the fun stuff he and his grandfather used to do together, such as watching the tugboats in the river. During the trip, Jack and his grandfather do make one fun stop to play in a water park, but most of the book has a more serious tone to it: Grandpa Nod brings Jack to the hospital room where he died, the funeral home where he was put in a coffin, and the cemetery where he was buried.

The book is actually fairly lighthearted, but there is no escaping the sober nature of the plot, which readers should be aware of when approaching this tale.

The Wrong Bus

The Wrong Bus is a good book for a child who has recently experienced the death of a friend or family member, or for any children who are curious about death. The aim of The Wrong Bus seems to be to make the concept of death less frightening for children, although whether this is successful or not will likely depend on the individual reader. Certain scenes might be somewhat disturbing to some readers, such as when Grandpa Nod asks Jack which coffin he would want for himself.

However, the book does its best to make the subject of death approachable, and despite its being about such a sad topic, the story does have a happy ending. There are several full-page, black and white illustrations in this story, done by Amy Meissner.

The illustrations don't drive the story forward, but they are good for detailing what is happening in the tale.