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Also, why would this calculation take longer with xPC 5. Just reducing the size to , will improve performance by 2 orders of magnitude, not to mention reducing memory problems, thrashing memory swaps etc. The matrix has to be that size. Also, what do you mean by using MEX to speed up calculations? Pingback: Waiting for asynchronous events Undocumented Matlab. To my surprise A. Do you have any clue why is this? Thank you very much.

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Peter — I suspect that this is due to the fact that A. B is directly interpreted by the Matlab interpreter, whereas struct … goes through a library routine in libmx. The difference should be clear to anyone with significant programming experience.

The two can appear to work the same, but there are important differences. Linear indices are common in Matlab programs, e. When converting Matlab code it might be necessary to first reshape a matrix to a linear sequence, perform some indexing operations and then reshape back. As reshape usually produces views onto the same storage, it should be possible to do this fairly efficiently.

An extensive list of tools for scientific work with python can be found in the topical software page. Building from source.

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Most expressions take such arrays and return such arrays. Operations on the 2-D instances of these arrays are designed to act more or less like matrix operations in linear algebra. In NumPy the basic type is a multidimensional array. Operations on these arrays in all dimensionalities including 2D are element-wise operations.

FEM MATLAB code for coupled Nonlinear system (Part1)

One needs to use specific functions for linear algebra though for matrix multiplication, one can use the operator in python 3. The initial element of a sequence is found using a 1. The initial element of a sequence is found using a[0]. The syntax for basic matrix operations is nice and clean, but the API for adding GUIs and making full-fledged applications is more or less an afterthought. NumPy is based on Python, which was designed from the outset to be an excellent general-purpose programming language.

Slice operations copy parts of the array. In NumPy arrays have pass-by-reference semantics. Slice operations are views into an array.

The Elements of MATLAB Style

Which should I use? Many numpy functions return arrays, not matrices. There is a clear distinction between element-wise operations and linear algebra operations. Before python 3. Perl already has arrays, and the terms "vector" and "matrix" typically refer to one- and two-dimensional collections of data.

Having no good term to describe their object, PDL developers coined the term " piddle " to give a name to their data type. A piddle consists of a series of numbers organized as an N-dimensional data set. Piddles provide efficient storage and fast computation of large N-dimensional matrices. They are highly optimized for numerical work. For more information, see " Piddles vs Perl Arrays " later in this document. PDL interactive shell To start the interactive shell, open a terminal and run "perldl" or "pdl2". It is cross platform and easy to use.

Whenever you write a stand-alone PDL program i.

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This command imports the PDL module into Perl. So you can write in a syntax that is more comfortable for you. If an unknown function "foo " is called, PDL looks for a file called "foo.

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If it finds one, it reads it. It is important to keep an eye out for possible ambiguities. In PDL, think "x and y". Higher dimensional objects "N-D arrays" were added on top. In contrast, PDL was designed for N-dimensional piddles from the start. PDL sees it as a 1D vector: A single dimension of size 4. There is usually no distinction.