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Du bist mir ein feiner Freund! A fine friend you are! Du brauchst unbedingt Hilfe. It would be this very decision that drove him into bankruptcy. Eigenschaft predicate, quality, property, qualify Eigenschaften qualities, attributes, properties. Einrichtung constitution, installation, setup, institution Einrichtungen facilities, establishments,. Er entging knapp dem Tode. He just. He thinks. His life is no bed of roses. Er hat Schiss! Er hat Schwung. He is to blame for it. Er ist ein alter Hase. Er ist ein.

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Er ist ein arger Tunichtgut. He is all talker. Er ist ein paar Jahre zu jung. Er ist ein paar Tage verreist.

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Er ist ein Spielverderber. Er ist ein Stubenhocker. Er ist ein toller Kerl. Er ist ganz der Vater. Er ist ganz in Ihrer Hand. Er ist gut in Form.

Die Projekträume

Er ist ihm nicht gewachsen. Er ist im besten Alter. Er ist mir ein Dorn im Auge. Er ist nicht mehr hier. Er ist. Er ist schuld. He is full of beans.

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Er ist steif wie. Er kann sich alles erlauben. He gets away with everything. Er kann sich nicht benehmen. My shawl is done photos after blocking next week and now it's time to refill my energy :- I want to finish a pair of socks for hubby dropsyarn dropsfabel , no pattern , work on a sweater for me that I started in and found the patt. The Opal Regenwald XII limited edition collection is inspired by animal patterns and it is a joy to watch the complex patterns unfold. Each ball makes one pair of socks and comes with a beginner sock knitting pattern. But this yarn is not limited to.

Haven't blocked them, but they're only for me. And yes, the minor difference at the toe is making me nuts.

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Well done. When your new socks match a special painting in your bedroom notplanned. Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal Rainforest. Available at Ecoyarns. We ship worldwide. Knitting pattern:. Almost done Thank you!

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My happy socks are almost finished. And I'm so looking forward to knitting my first afterthought heels and calling these done. Todays yarnmadness challenge theme is cabelygoodness This is one of my designs that I'm probably most proud off. It was inspired by a pair of knee-high sandals that I saw in a shoe store window. The design was part of my first collaboration. Werbung patchwork hundertwasser opalsockenwolle zwergergarn meindesign eigenesdesign knitwear knittersoftheworld knitters knittersoftinstagram. In response to ladyrowena who asked what I was doing a year ago: just starting these hulanicki socks from pompommag 15 using some stashed zwergergarn cotton premium.

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  • Perry Rhodan 657: Der Arkturus-Zwischenfall (Heftroman): Perry Rhodan-Zyklus Das Konzil (Perry Rhodan-Erstauflage) (German Edition)!
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My Antarctica socks. A design from in Zwerger Garns Opal Uni Solid 6 ply zwerger zwergergarn opalunisolid socks cables knitting pattern knittingpattern cablesocks. A little discouraged by everyone's posts of their big shipments of sales going out while I can't seem to take off. So I decided to make my 2. The girl refuses to keep her mittens on at the park.

And in the meantime, enjoy the beautiful things you're making xx. Another evening of overtime, another pair of socks finished. Nothing a little sock blocking can't fix, yeah? Just dropped number one off at daycare. Number two is down for a nap. It's raining. I've just got a new android tv box.

The couch may be as far as I get today. Honestly, it's li. Finished my new scarf Foregrounding the spatial qualities of patterned surface with the temporal conditions of sound, enables a move away from more conventional narrative structures to explore a more immersive and intimate environment.

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Michelle Atherton is an artist working with images and temporal states, that is researching particular moments or sets of conditions in our collective histories. The aim of the work is to probe these entanglements and the complexities that surround us. All her work is image-based, holding a long-standing fascination with the fact that images appear to be all front.

Part of the research investigates the potency of the image in its rhetorical and ambiguous forms; and our encounters with it. The work often incorporates video, photography, sound, collage and writing. The work cultivates a type of image-dissonance, through a series of after or pre-images. Her artwork and research has been supported by the Arts Council UK and the Arts and Humanities Research Council and shown throughout Europe in variety of contexts including galleries and museums, festivals, and conferences, and via publication.

Jette Gejl is a visual artist and academic at Aarhus University, Denmark. Her work balances between a deep idiosyncratic self-reflection and an understanding of the collectives socio-historical culture-bearing icons - such as memory. She often seeks more criticality in dialogue with the viewer, which often involves them entering into performative or participation with her work. Recent exhibitions include: Fregatten Jylland vs Ks. Interwoven Landscapes vol. As Much about Forgetting, Viborg Kunsthal.

He makes work that explores the aesthetics of cultural memory and considers various phenomena of resistance space. His work is primarily based in film and installation, yet also spans collage, photography and text.