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New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Seller Rating:. Daddy's Logic Rose, Anthony. Daddy's Logic Anthony Rose author. I wanted to give women a one-stop account of success habits of the most inspirational women across the world in one book, hence the idea of 43 different heroines, each of whom has a unique perspective and story. The social challenges facing women are even more daunting. In India, pre-natal sex selection and infanticide accounted for the termination and death of about half a million girls per year over the last 20 years, according to a UN study on violence against women. In a study in Egypt a few years ago, it was ascertained that 47 percent of female victims of rape were killed because of the associated dishonor brought to the family.

Or, we can focus on what we can do to help and to bring positive change by leveraging our influence and power. That is my mission — to make a difference. For each of my books, I pick a different cause to support in a new country. The royalties I earn from this book are going to Save the Children and to fund 25, medical tests for maternal anemia for the poorest of the poor in Bihar, India.

"No Excuses, No Limits." This is ILL-Abilities BBoy Crew.

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No fear. No limits No fear, no limits, no excuses poster background. He was responsible for ushering in an era of illumination across the Islamic world. So no one can claim that the idea of Enlightenment is alien to Islam. But the religion needs to regain the courage to act in those terms once again. There's nothing wrong with us in the West calling for that as well. We don't want to dictate our own terms on Islamic countries. But the fact remains that many Muslims living amidst European cultures are torn between two worlds. These people also deserve the right to live according to their own agendas.

They should feel empowered to reconcile Islam, their religion, with the understanding freedom as is practiced in Europe. Nowadays, Islamist extremists see art as an enemy.

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The tragedy at "Charlie Hebdo" is the epitome of how people who reject the idea of freedom - and the West as a whole - unload their anger and hate on innocent people. How can we express our opposition to such carnage and the reasons behind it to these people? That happened as people slowly progressed in achieving personal freedoms. Over the course of several centuries, art grew independent of controls. It is no longer expected to be truthful, or even moral.

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None of these pretenses apply. Instead, simply falling under the category of 'beauty,' art has managed to carve out its own territory. Kant described that concept with the term "disinterested pleasure," which implies that just as church and state are separated in the West, our understanding of art is also independent of church, state and even aesthetic ties.

The West has also had its fair share of historical periods during which things like blasphemy and lese-majesty were punishable by law. Those statutes have long disappeared from the books, while the struggle to attain the same degree of freedom goes on in other cultures that still have a different view of the purpose of art. We Europeans cannot change that on their behalf, but we have every right to set an example and to demonstrate how societies flourish when they grant their artists a total sense of freedom.

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DW: It's not just a question of aesthetic values. When you look at Charlie Hebdo, it's plain to see that the underlying issue is politics.