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The Inquisitors are Vader's chosen soldiers in the fight against the Jedi survivors. They wear black Imperial uniforms not unlike those of the technicians on the Death Star, somewhere between the armor-clad Stormtroopers and the managerial Generals of the Empire.

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  • (LORE) How advanced exactly are the fallen empires?

Aside from the Grand Inquisitor he doesn't seem to be appearing in Fallen Order , the team has numbered names, each of them going by "Brother" or "Sister. Development studio Respawn Entertainment has been pretty elusive about narrative details in the upcoming game, but we've seen the Ninth Sister and the Second Sister appear in promotional materials and trailers so far.

Since many of the Inquisitors still seem to be active in this time period, it would not come as a surprise to see more of them appear to challenge Cal. Some of the Inquisitors, like the Ninth Sister, are actually former Jedi, so they have all the capabilities that you might expect from a Dark Sider in the Star Wars universe. They're Force sensitive, meaning they can run super fast, jump super high, and use telekinesis in battle.

What makes these particular Force-wielders so treacherous is the fact that many are trained personally by Darth Vader. The fallen Skywalker took command of the Inquisitorius shortly after he came into power under Palpatine. Anyone trained directly by Vader is a figure to be feared, especially for young, under-trained Jedi.

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This is the most exciting thing about these Sith-adjacent cult members. Phoenix Overture. Jodi Meadows. Hounding The Moon. He Is Legend. Christopher Conlon. Heaven and Hellsbane. Paige Cuccaro. Wild Hunt.

Margaret Ronald. Hammer of Darkness. Rowan Casey.

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Donna Hill. I Dream in Blue. Roger Director. Reunion at Red Paint Bay. George Harrar. Winter Door. Isobelle Carmody. The Troll under the Eighth Street Bridge.

Kenneth Jorgensen. A Servitor called Simiks-3 was encountered and destroyed by guardians, and was believed to be created from the remains of the Prime. Aksor lead assaults on settlements beyond the City and ravaged Awoken enclaves in the Reef. The Queen was able to capture Aksor and seal him inside the Prison of Elders. However, The House of Winter raided the prison and freed Aksor, seeking to force him to join the ranks. They succeeded, but Aksor was killed by Guardians before he could fully realise his destruction upon humanity.

It is possible that both Aksor and Kaliks belonged to the House of Wolves prior to their acquisition by the Queen. Cayde-6 recorded an interesting story of a female House of Exile Baron aiding him in combat against the Hive on the moon. The ending undoes any sense of comradeship between our races, but the sentiment is there. I made this post that the Guardians of the City might better equip themselves with knowledge that is not readily available to them in the field.

Should I make more, on the other races? Last City Lore? I particularly find the Battle of the Twilight Gap to be interesting. Let me know, keep up the fight, Guardians. Edit: By the Speakers Mask, this exploded! Thank you everyone for the up votes and stuff, it's quite humbling. I'll definitely do more of these Lore posts, Destiny has so much to draw upon its just frustratingly spread out. It could be like a series :D.

Edit 2: Link to Lore post on the Hive. Great write up. God, I hate vandals, especially the elite stealth variant. Evreyone's worried about hobgoblins in VoG hardmode. I just laugh. Wait for the lvl30 elite 6man scaled stealth vandals, just you wait.