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Our Achilles, little known disparager of war, of wattle and daub beginnings. The BBC show - which, after 20 years, is the longest-running crime drama in the world - put viewers through a tense hour-long wait to see if Emilia Fox's forensic pathologist character would be saved by her hero colleague Jack David Caves.

In the end Nikki saved herself from impending doom as viewers watched on the edge of their seats praying for a happy ending. Nikki Alexander, played by Emilia Fox, fought to survive after she was buried alive in a coffin after being captured by the Mexican cartel.

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She thought she only had hours left to live but then, at the last minute, she figured out how she could escape and punched her way out. The tense hour-long episode saw Nikki left with just a bottle of water and a mobile phone, which miraculously had signal even though she thought she was buried deep underground. Viewers were extremely relieved after Nikki escaped out of the coffin she had been buried in for the entire hour of the finale.

Others were glad that Nikki made it out, with one writing: 'Emotions are all over the place after this episode!!

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I've never been more relieved SilentWitness'. Viewers saw Nikki wake up in a coffin at the end of the penultimate episode on Monday night and tonight a frantic Jack worked tirelessly to find her and her captors. In the tenth and final episode of the current series, selfless Nikki didn't stop working to save others and managed to free 20 other hostages, including her friend Louisa, from another burial site. Nikki's colleague Jack, who was with her in Mexico, tried desperately to track her down but realised she had sent him to another location to save other people.

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The final two episodes of the 20th series focused around the mystery disappearance of her friend Louisa, who was eventually saved and reunited with her boyfriend. Jack was left in total despair as it dawned on him that Nikki had sent him in the opposite direction to her location as he cried: 'Oh Nikki what have you done?!

But he had some good news for the pathologist: she shouldn't still be breathing, meaning she had time to make her escape. As she processed those thoughts she realised she wasn't going to die and burst out of the side of a casket that had been in an ancient burial site - not underground as she had first thought.

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It also conveniently explains why she was able to have mobile phone signal throughout, receiving several calls from Jack as he tried to piece together the mystery surrounding her abduction. In part one, Nikki was helped by Jack right and Ava second right to figure out where missing people where disappearing to, but got caught in the crossfire. Emilia, 42, has played the lead role of Nikki in the show for the past 12 years, after replacing Amanda Burton as the lead in series eight. Emilia - who also stars in Sky's Delicious alongside Dawn French - recently spoke to Digital Spy about the possibility of series 21, saying she doesn't see why it couldn't happen.

I just hope the audience continues to enjoy it.

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