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At some point Sandor was assigned as Cersei Lannister 's sworn shield , who later assigned him to Prince Joffrey Baratheon. Sandor is the bodyguard and servant of Prince Joffrey Baratheon , who regularly calls him "Dog". Queen Cersei Lannister suggests that he looks to the Hound as a surrogate father. En route from Winterfell to King's Landing, Sandor earns the enmity of Arya Stark by acting on Lannister orders to kill her friend Mycah , the son of a butcher, who is believed to have harmed Joffrey.

Sandor rides well during the first day of the Hand's tourney , unhorsing Lord Renly Baratheon. Drunk, despite the final jousts the next day, Sandor becomes enamored with Sansa. Angry that she cannot look him in the eye due to his disfigurement, he mocks her for her polished manners, calling her a "little bird" who chirps on command.

He fights heatedly with his brother, but kneels when King Robert I Baratheon commands them to stop. Loras allows Sandor to be the champion without a final joust, and the Hound is cheered by Sansa and the smallfolk. When Lord Eddard Stark attempts to take Cersei and her illegitimate children into custody with the help of the gold cloaks —unbeknownst to the fact that Commander Janos Slynt is already under the employ of the treacherous Petyr Baelish —Sandor participates in the widespread slaughter of Eddard's remaining household guard alongside his erstwhile allies, personally killing Cayn.

After Ser Barristan Selmy is dismissed from the Kingsguard , Sandor is named as his replacement despite refusing to become a knight. Despite his loyalty to the new king, Joffrey I Baratheon , Sandor strategically defends Sansa Stark from Joffrey's wrath many times and is the only Kingsguard who is never commanded to beat her.

He is dismissive of the competitors, calling them gnats, that it would be a waste of effort to compete himself, and that even Joffrey could beat them. When returning from the Red Keep's godswood after meeting for the first time with Ser Dontos Hollard , Joffrey's new fool , Sansa runs into a drunk Sandor. He admires her blooming womanhood, but sees her as still a "stupid little bird […] singing all the songs they taught you". He asks her to sing "some song about knights and fair maids", and mocks Sansa's admiration of true knights , but she says she will sing for him gladly.

Sansa is frightened by him during this encounter, but though he hurts her by grabbing her wrist to stop her from falling, he is also gentle when he protects her from Ser Boros Blount , and she asks Sandor why he does not let anyone call him a knight. When he takes her back unharmed to the Red Keep, he warns her she is surrounded by liars.

Sansa says she had no part Robb's treasons, at which Sandor snorts, "They trained you well, little bird. Joffrey instead has Boros punch Sansa and strike her with the flat of his sword. Tyrion asks for someone to give the half-nude girl something to cover herself, so Sandor tosses his cloak to Sansa. During the riot of King's Landing , Sandor comes to the aid of Sansa when she is nearly dragged from her horse by the angry mob. Sandor's savage fury and sword fighting drives the mob away from her in fear, saving her from rape and possible murder.

Sandor fights heroically during the battle of the Blackwater , leading the defense against a group of Stannis's archers who land on the shores of the Blackwater Rush. The Hound is taken into custody of the brotherhood without banners , who also have Sansa's younger sister, Arya. Since there is not enough evidence for a court trial, the brotherhood's leader, Lord Beric Dondarrion , decrees that Sandor will face him in a trial by combat. A follower of R'hllor , Beric fights with a magic flaming blade, and Sandor's left arm is burned when his shield catches fire. Despite his fear of fire, Sandor manages to defeat Beric.

The brotherhood strip Sandor of most of his possessions, including the remains of his winnings from the Hand's tourney , and set him free, though he is allowed to keep his arms, armor and warhorse, Stranger. When several of the brotherhood state that Sandor should be killed, Beric says R'hllor must have a purpose for the Hound. He kidnaps her instead [38] and intends to ransom her back to her brother, Robb Stark , the King in the North , who is going to attend the wedding of Lord Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey at the Twins.

Sandor and Arya cross the Trident at flooded Harroway , where the Hound pays outraged ferrymen with a promissory note from Beric instead of gold.

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Sandor hopes to find another relative to whom he can ransom Arya, possibly her aunt, Lysa Arryn , in the Vale. While traveling away from the Twins, Sandor gives the gift of mercy to a Piper archer who was wounded by Boltons during the Red Wedding. Seeking shelter at the inn at the crossroads , Sandor and Arya encounter two of Gregor's men and their squire , who inform them of the siege of Riverrun by House Frey.

When the two groups come to blows, Sandor kills Polliver and holds off the Tickler until the torturer is killed by Arya, who also kills the squire. The hungry and inebriated Sandor is seriously injured, receiving wounds on his thigh, ribs, neck, and face, and the stump of his burned ear is sliced off. Though Arya dresses his wounds, they quickly became infected during their journey to Saltpans.

Conflicted about her feelings after she leaves him off her list, Arya refuses to grant Sandor the gift of mercy despite his pleas.

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She rides off, leaving him under a tree by the Trident. Reports spread of the Hound leading a pack of outlaws in a brutal spree of banditry near the Trident, [43] and there is confusion whether he has joined Beric Dondarrion 's brotherhood. During dinner at Darry, Ser Lyle Crakehall claims to have been moved by the distress of Mariya Darry and Amerei Frey , and gives them his word that once Riverrun has fallen he shall return to hunt down the Hound and kill him for them, adding that dogs do not frighten him.

Her travels with Septon Meribald take her to a septry on the Quiet Isle.

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The Elder Brother of the monastery informs her that it was the younger sister that Sandor made off with, Arya Stark. The Elder Brother knows they were headed for Saltpans , but he states the Hound is dead, "by the sword, as he had lived" and he buried him personally and left his hound helm as a marker — a mistake, as someone else found and claimed it, and went on, with others, to rape and kill at Saltpans.

The Elder Brother tells Brienne she would have pitied Sandor if she had seen him at the end, crying in pain and begging for the gift of mercy. He tells her the Hound died in his arms, and Sandor Clegane is at rest. He also tells her Sandor's big black stallion, Stranger is in their stables. While at the crossroads inn , Brienne encounters a group of broken men led by Rorge , who wears Sandor's hound helm. Rorge had taken Sandor's snarling dog helm from his grave site, and Rorge was responsible for Sandor's alleged atrocities, such as the raid on Saltpans.

Rorge is slain in a duel with Brienne. When the brotherhood returns to the inn, Lem Lemoncloak takes Sandor's helm from Rorge's corpse. Thoros of Myr advises Lem to abandon the helm, seeing it as a symbol of Sandor's rage, but the bitter Lem refuses. Harm and Compadre started Azeroth. Harm decided that we shouldn't all be in the same clan because it'd be a total slaughter. I was quite pissed at this and began stealing from AZ's ranks. Orcz was supposedly asked by AZ to join and before he could give them an answer I mailed him asking him to come over to BB to even the odds a bit.

Orcz being the type of guy he is immediately came to BB to become BB's second in command. A supposedly amazing player who had just shown up out of the blue and was recruited into AZ before I knew who he was I became his friend and asked him to switch sides. After a long fight in his head over loyalty or the friendlier place he chose to join BB. They gave Kefka a very hard time for switching and because of the way they treated him I truly hated them both.

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Kefka got over it though and he became on of BB's better players. My last snag from AZ was TK who was a friend of mine. Stealing him put BB at 5 of it's 6 member max. The last grab of our 6 squad. I messaged him on macwarcraft asking f he was any good. In our early days BB was a group designed for nothing more then to grind Azeroth into the ground and prove to everyone that we were the best clan.


We had our enemies and now we knew who our allies were The ladder was still everyone playing 1 on 1's on the demo but now there were clan rankings and you could see not only the best player, but the best clan as well. Well BB was rocking the charts and it seemed that no one would ever catch up. Shortly after this the limit was raised to This was when MWL was expanding, macwarcraft was getting bigger, and BB was the most feared clan on the block.

My next two grabs were Metavark, and Reppas. I dropped Mac to make room for Reppas. burning hell hell

It was a cruel thing to do and I apologize to Mac who suffered because of my greed for better players. It was mid August when someone named Bfitz came on claiming he was porting warcraft to the Mac. We were all like "sure whatever" but eventually it seemed obvious he was telling the truth. Me still being my somewhat cocky self and almost never losing I challenged Mr. Warcraft to a game. It was still the demo and by this time I knew the map so well it would probably scare you. To keep this part short I pretty much thrashed him.

He said he was impressed and asked if I wanted to be the first external tester for blizzard. I of course said yes. This was when Harm started playing mass games and taking BB's spot on the ladder. Finally there were more external testers.