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If you live near the shore, beach days are inevitable. There's swimming in the water, getting involved in a game of beach volleyball, relaxing on the sand, and walking up and down the pier. The fun to be had is unlimited, so you'll want to be prepared for anything that comes your way this sea-sun with Instagram captions for ocean pictures.

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The 'Grammable moments could happen whenever, and you want just the right quotes and puns so you're able to post your pictures ASAP. Once you're done posting, you can get right back to surfing the waves and living on salt time.

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You also never know how many beautiful waters you'll see during your summer adventuring. You might have a boat day with friends, or cruise by a beautiful beach on a coastal road trip with your SO.

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This rapid rise had a significant effect. The initial landings at Omaha Beach took place at a. Over the next 30 minutes, the water level rose 2. Even a small delay had serious consequences. These calculations help explain why demolition crews cleared only five of the planned 16 gaps among the obstacles before the advancing tide forced them to wade ashore. While tidal and astronomical considerations meant that the date of the Normandy invasion had to fall near a full Moon, its gravitational effects were then responsible for the rapidly rising spring tide. First British glider lands at the Caen Canal bridge, bright Moon in southeastern sky a.

Radio message sent: British captured the canal bridge and Orne River bridge intact a. American paratroopers begin to land inland from Utah Beach a.

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Lunar transit, Moon at its highest point in the sky for the night a. Beginning of civil twilight a. Low water exposes the beach obstacles on Omaha Beach a. Naval bombardment of Omaha Beach begins a.

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  • Sunrise a. First assault wave lands on Omaha Beach, on a rising tide a. First assault wave lands on Sword Beach, on a rising tide a. High water covers Omaha Beach almost to the sea wall p. Approximate time when Lord Lovat leads British commandos inland from Sword Beach and they link up with the airborne forces at the canal bridge.

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    Six hours before the amphibious landings even began, British soldiers carried on gliders had already descended silently from the night skies and landed on French soil. Their objectives were two crucial bridges over two parallel waterways, the Caen Canal and the Orne River, just inland from Sword Beach. A bright Moon was crucial for this assault.

    Within minutes six gliders had been pulled into the air. In the moonlight over England, the aircraft formed up and headed out for the flight over the Channel.

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    This full-size Horsa replica, built according to the original wartime glider plans, was unveiled at the Memorial Pegasus museum in for the 60th anniversary of D-Day. Amanda Slater. James Wallwork, pilot of the lead glider, realized when his tug had reached France, because in the moonlight he could see the surf breaking on the Normandy coastline. Wallwork recalled how he could see the waterways as the Moon shone from between clouds:.

    With pardonable exaggeration, Wallwork described the moonlit scene as his glider approached the canal bridge objective. The interview can be seen in the film shown at the Memorial Pegasus museum :.

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    I could see the target. The Moon was on it. I could see the bridge. I could see the whites of their eyes almost. This aerial photograph shows the Memorial Pegasus museum in the distance, the original Pegasus Bridge in its permanent position on the museum grounds, and the full size Airspeed Horsa glider replica in the foreground.

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    The landing zone for the three British gliders on D-Day is just visible at the extreme upper right. Michel Dehaye. Two more gliders followed into this landing zone, and the British soldiers quickly overwhelmed the German defenders. The group at the Orne River bridge had similar success, with their descent likewise aided by the moonlight. Many authors writing about D-Day mistakenly imagine that the Allied forces wanted a dark night until the airborne divisions reached their targets.

    The Moon then remained in the sky during the entire night of June 5 th -6 th , The stone monuments of the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer dominate the foreground of this aerial photograph. The cemetery is located on a bluff overlooking Omaha Beach and the English Channel, both seen in the background.

    As the 75th anniversary of D-Day approaches, the commemorations will rightly focus on the heroism of the Allied soldiers, sailors, and airmen who began the liberation of France. Thank you for your fascinating and informative article.