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Also, do all banks have excess reserves in ? Is there any inter bank lending going on in ?

Throw down the gauntlet

I ask because I don't know and I am not trying to make a point. The only thing the EU has to offer its members is a financial dumpster fire. Take, take, take. There is likely a global recession and maybe global war in Whatever happens will be unpredictable from there. Exiting is the easy part, then what?

Sure, UK will regain sovereignty from the EU, does not mean it would be able to keep it for long, it may just lose it to the US. Trump won't let Boris to get a lopsided deal unleash tariffs on Stilton and British cars.

Here's Boris' speech excerpts with some commentary:. So we will begin right away to create the free ports that will generate thousands of high-skilled jobs - and revitalise some of the poorest parts of our country. Why aren't they free now? Does he mean 'free economic zones', what for and with who? What's left is the US, and see above. I am pretty sure that Boris Johnson is a fine statesman and understands the problems. But why should we care about any of this in the US? Johnson says he will get a deal with the EU before 31 October. His opening gambit is to tell the EU that he will not talk to the EU unless they drop the backstop.

What a dipstick!

God Throws Down the Gauntlet

Your choice Mr Johnson you want a deal but you don't want to honour a deal made in good faith with the previous administration. Johnson is guaranteeing a no deal Brexit. As to why the US should be bothered well if everything goes tits-up in Europe do you really think that the US will not be affected?

So no really surprise that Mish wants a hard Brexit. After all his hate for the EU is well known.

Christ Loved the Church: Francis Throws Down the Gauntlet to Religious | Catholic Culture

So I ask how is he going to solve this.. I would love to see them negotiate any treat with the US that is any good for them. So at the end GB will no longer be under EU where at least they have a voice just to become a US colony talking about role reversal Mish, as you might remember, I have long been skeptical that the British government would ever implement the results of the referendum. However, reading these new stories and the comments in this thread, I have now judged that no-deal Brexit is coming.

The Remainer faction has now jumped the shark so to speak. The Remainer comments in this thread are at peak craziness- I take this as a good sign. Oh, good God, Mish; can you hear us all the way back in there in ? I hate to tell you this, but here in the future, the German car manufacturers did NOT rise and crack the whip and come charging over the hill like the US Cavalry to save the British from their own stupidity. It turned out that they, and almost everyone else in the EU, would rather take the hit of diminished British business than see the Single Market begin to be unraveled.

Yes, that's right British trade, it turned out, was really NOT the be-all and end-all of the European Union; that vastly more trade goes on that doesn't involve them than does, and THAT is where the interests of the Union, right on down to German carmakers, actually lies. Come November 1st, they will still have dozens and dozens of countries they can still sell their cars to, and eventually those markets can, and will, take up the slack for the percentage of cars priced out of range in Britain Do you understand how this works?

By disconnecting from the EU, Britain has in effect decided to isolate itself from pretty much the rest of humanity, an be a tiny island of 65 million people who have no free trade ties with pretty much anyone else on Earth. Britain is about to become a horror show that the rest of humanity to can sit back and watch, munching popcorn and shaking its collective head. In literature: Did not the thirteen colonies throw down the gauntlet to England for less cause? The expedition meant the definite and final throwing down of the gauntlet by France.

In executing these men, they would throw down the gauntlet for terrible reprisals.

It throws down the gauntlet where once it used to cower in its fastnesses. It was perhaps premature to throw down the gauntlet at sixteen, but her inexperience and isolation were complete. I see him in my mind's eye, Sire, throw down the gauntlet in Nell's name and defy the world for her.

throw down the gauntlet

This was literally throwing down the gauntlet to Gilcrest, and the discussion waxed hot and stormy. I represented to him that it was not his right to throw down the gauntlet for the Countess Angela.

What is a first edition?

It is throwing down the gauntlet to a set of men maddened by a belief in their wrongs.