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Online-to-Offline Attribution. The Ultimate Guide to Google Posts. Local Marketing. Local Advertising. According to, The Guardian : Native advertising can be a promoted tweet on Twitter, suggested post on Facebook or one of those full-page ads between Flipboard pages, but more commonly it is about how brands now work with online publications to reach people. So how do all these forms of advertising relate to your brand's local presence?

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Fundamentals of Advertising

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Advertising fundamentals

To define the ROI from mobile programmatic, it is imperative to have a realistic and relevant attribution model — marketers need to adopt mobile specific strategies to measure returns from mobile ads. The attribution model should ideally be in sync with customer journeys and the role of mobile in helping customers take a certain buying decision. This will aid in attaching the right budget while effectively improving customer experience. Smartphones are the best device for location-based advertising , and mobile programmatic has a big opportunity in this arena. Cisco forecasts that by there will be 5. When combined with the data collected by their mobile device and customer intelligence from their own customer data platforms, the offerings can be not just unique and customized, but real-time and contextual to each moment in time.

This means infinite new revenue or engagement opportunities created on-the-go, based on customer movements and needs! Programmatic mobile advertising based on customer location can reach customers at scale with specific messages, based on their exact location. This strategy, if based on relevant data that avoids being intrusive, can help with last-mile conversion at the POS and can connect the online and offline engagement for a seamless brand experience.

With mobiles, users are less tolerant, and it gets worse with bad mobile ads. Remember, the ads are not what users open the mobile for — the moment your ad pops up covering the content and slows down the loading time, not to mention use up their data bandwidth, customers will probably hate you forever!

Today the goal for brands is more focused on enhancing the viewing experience and providing consumers with a new kind of utility from their phones. The strength of programmatic to reach customers at scale to deliver highly targeted mobile ads is unquestionable. Advertisers are engaging with exciting new creative opportunities to build beautiful UX with the help of Dynamic Creative Optimization tools. This enables advertisers to constantly and simultaneously produce and test several different creative options — and work with the best one making maximum impact.

Those that work well for users and deliver an exceptional experience will, in turn, deliver for brand marketers. Last year there was much talk about the potential impact of mobile and consumer-first formats like augmented reality, virtual reality and degree video.

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This year, the era of innovative, interactive content has arrived. Brand builders are taking notice. With this future-forward content more accessible than ever, expect even more brands to leverage innovative ads in the year ahead to transform the world around you into an exceptional brand content experience. The fast-pace evolution of mobile programmatic ad is here to stay — but of course with new additions and alterations every year, to match with the changing faces of CX and ROI. The industry is getting more mature by adopting more improved, relevant and agile standards and regulations.

Keeping these 7 fundamentals of mobile in mind will help you build a more successful mobile programmatic initiative.

1. Not all traffic is created equal, especially bot traffic

It boils down to a fine balance between human creativity, user experience and scientific data-based decision making — all at scale and at an affordable price to deliver messages in an efficient, effective, yet non-intrusive way. Hi there! Welcome to MarTech Advisor. Continue Skip.

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