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Wonderful book! A nice departure from modern kids books that are just about rainbows and friendship and puppies.

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Elizabite is a friendly, cheerful carnivorous plant. Contrary to a previous review, she does not try to eat the scientist in the end. She bites his finger when he digs her out of the wild, then bites a dog's tail, the maid's bottom, the beard of a professor, then swallows temporarily a burgler before being taken, smiling all the while, to a zoo where she has her plant babies. My four-year-old giggles throughout.

I love that Elizabite is a meat-eater but she's not agressive or mean except when a dog steals her hotdog. Also, the vocabulary is, as usual with older picture books, challenging. Words like delight, botanist, delay, victorious, triumph, fond, minus, unsuspecting, tempting, declares, evidence, enterprise, outstanding - these are vocabulary-builders for young children.

Please don't have any reservations about the tone of the book; it's a keeper. January 12, - Published on Amazon. I have loved this book since childhood. Elizabite likes to bite people. The pictures are cute; she has the best little expressions on her face as things happen. The book has a happy ending. My first grader couldn't read it alone but was able to do pretty well.

Vendor described the condition correctly and sent it quickly. October 29, - Published on Amazon. This is a forgotten H.

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Rey story that maintains the same fun, rhythmic style as his Curious George series. My daughters discovered this at the library and after borrowing it multiple time I was able to hunt it down here. Rey Treasury of Stories. The H.

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  • Elizabite: Adventures of a Carnivorous Plant (Curious George).
  • Elizabite : Adventures of a Carnivorous Plant.
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