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The exchange was overheard by Adam's attorney, Marc Lowery. They were arguing about the case. The judge was unmoved by Wootton's ranting, and restored Jessica's custody anyway. Wootton's next move was to arrest Jessica. He did so the second she set foot outside the courthouse. In a criminal complaint filed against Jessica on the afternoon of November 7, Wootton claimed that Becca had told DuBoise—who was still her teacher, as mandated by CYFD—that during one of the supervised visits between mother and daughter, "mommy whispers in my ear not to say anything, to be quiet.

The charge against her was "bribery or intimidation of a witness. The cops took Jessica to jail, strip-searched her, and forced her to take a pregnancy test before releasing her on personal recognizance. Thankfully, the district attorney decided not to press charges, and Jessica finally got the kids back.

Adam's reunion took longer—much longer. Months later, in March , the court allowed Adam to have supervised visits with his children. The criminal case against Adam had by then collapsed: Though the detectives had repeatedly threatened to go to a grand jury, they never did so, and thus actual criminal charges never materialized.

In April, the court-mandated therapist opined that Adam was not a threat to the kids, and his custody was restored the next month. On May 31, the Lowthers sold their home and moved to Texas, understandably eager to put as many miles between them and the Albuquerque authorities as possible. The suit raised important questions about whether child services was acting in the children's interests, or in service of a dubious criminal investigation. CYFD, who was the guardian of the children, acted with indifference to the trauma caused by the forensic interviews and examinations.

Indeed, the removal decision was made in furtherance of the criminal investigation—not to keep the children safe from harm. This itself was contrary to the children's interests and violative of their constitutional rights. The lawsuit also made the noteworthy claim that DuBoise had "a history of legal troubles, including convictions for shoplifting and several lawsuits for failure to pay bad debts, which bears on her credibility.

When reached for comment, Calvary Christian Academy's principal declined to answer any questions about DuBoise. According to Adam, she no longer works for the school, and her own attorney has had trouble getting in touch with her. BCSO did not respond to a request for comment. A spokesperson for CYFD declined to comment, citing pending litigation. The letter was addressed to Jacob Wootton. In Hood's opinion, Becca's statements to investigators during her safehouse interview conflicted with what she had allegedly told DuBoise.

Hood quoted one of the doctors who had interviewed Becca: "She does not know the difference between truth and lie. She likely does not understand the concept of a deliberate lie, she feels no compunction to tell the truth because she is not cognitively developed enough to comprehend the difference. In the district attorney's opinion, her father having benignly assisted her with toilet-related issues was a plausible explanation for whatever story she may or may not have told DuBoise.

December 7, 2016

Hood also had an issue with DuBoise's credibility, or at the very least her blind faith in Becca's stories. In the middle of Wootton's effort to stop Jessica from regaining custody, DuBoise had signed an affidavit that Becca had claimed her father was attending church with her, in violation of a court order. But this was impossible: Adam was wearing an ankle monitor, and Becca was under the supervision of a social worker while at church. A polygraph examination administered by the Bernalillo Sheriff's Department also lent credence to Adam. The department had initially interpreted the test to mean that Adam's answers were "deceptive," but the district attorney conducted an independent analysis: Bernalillo had misunderstood the results, which were "favorable to the alleged perpetrator," according to Hood.

They also hope to discourage the authorities from handling child abuse cases in such a manner. Indeed, while the Lowthers were financially well equipped to handle legal troubles of this nature, they still ended up having to borrow money. Other families who routinely deal with child services and law enforcement are often in even more precarious positions.

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Diane Redleaf, an attorney who represents families in child services disputes, told Reason 's Lenore Skenazy that most of her clients are impoverished, and many are immigrants or racial minorities. Half of all black kids in the U. The state's coercive power to separate children from their parents is most often experienced by those with scant ability to fight back. This is something that resonates with the Lowthers. Adam and Jessica are conservatives, but their experience with the criminal justice system significantly altered their thinking. He worked for the Air Force, but is a veteran of the Navy.

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Nothing is what she thought it was. Not her friends. Not her family.

And rather than being understanding, he turns to sabotage. This cycle of jealousy, unpredictable anger, and forgiveness is exhausting. From there, that information should be used to locate the child and parent to ensure that the child is safe and that it is a bonafide absence. I think that the point I and others continue to make is that we have too many administrators in RPS doing far too little. You are absolutely correct that the "truancy" people are not doing their jobs. As a teacher, you know that in order to "teach 'em, you need to reach 'em. As a parent, I'd be impressed if I could get a Thomas Jefferson High school principal or teacher to communicate with me at all.

There are the rare gem teachers that want to see your student succeed, but our experience so far is that most of them ignore us completely. Remember: I will review all comments before posting and if you wish your information to remain confidential, please know that I will honor your request. Offenses Attendance-related Offenses What does Virginia law say about school attendance? In brief, Virginia law:.

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Basic provisions governing school attendance are listed in the table below. Code of Virginia. Attendance-related Offenses.

Compulsory Attendance Laws. Appointment of Attendance Officers.

Teachers to Keep Daily Attendance Records.