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How I Decided To Only Have One Baby

Join Us. The Baby Decision is based on my thirty-five years as a psychotherapist, coach, and workshop leader specializing in parenthood decision-making. In this book, she takes you by the hand into the depths of the scary and sometimes overwhelming baby decision. Step by step, she helps you find clarity.

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The Baby Decision is a must-read for everyone of child-bearing age. I became addicted to each word and could not put the book down.

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It is clearly written and infused with wisdom. I am delighted to announce that The Baby Decision has just been released in audio book format!

Audio books are the fastest-growing format in publishing, according to Topics include childfree, parenting, zapping stress and finding meaning. Got anxiety? Zale Mednick. I became addicted to each word and could not put the book down. It is clearly written and infused with wisdom.

They arrive anxious for an answer. Or maybe, finally, a sense of peace.

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A privacy-craving father called in to warn introverts considering parenting Scared to Have a Baby? She features my Baby Decision workshops and the book. Take a look below at five typical gifts of childfree people.

Which ones resonate? How can you make the most of them so your life will be as satisfying as possible? Whether you have been childfree for a few years, have recently made the childfree choice, or are leaning Discover The Baby Decision.