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Not the reality of the senses, anyway. I wanted to explore the three-act narrative using three genres, and to see what emerged on the other side. In terms of content, once I got going, my preoccupation with narrative structure naturally grew into a preoccupation with memory and recollection—and with time; and this idea that the imagination could be a memory of the future.

Mystery, then, became a choice because of its strong adherence to the element of discovery, and science-fiction because of its adherence to speculation. The former was provident in picking apart and exploring the past, and the latter was provident in imagining the future. Q: Did you feel any pressure on the heels of the success of The Reactive , which seemed to be a generation-defining novel in South Africa?

Usually, once I have the story together, form or structure is where I apply most of my reading. Q: An early review of the book at Booklist compared Triangulum to , which is one of my all-time favorite novels, so I was pretty tickled. After reading The Savage Detectives in graduate school, I decided to work chronologically through Bolano.

I admire his facility with voice and structure greatly. Q: In addition to the elements of sci-fi, mystery, and coming-of-age stories, you also tackle issues of the environment, now and in the not-so-distant future. With South Africa experiencing severe water shortages last year, was that an inspiration for this aspect of the story? MN: Definitely. I worried about it as a child, and I still do.

For example, in , five out of nine of the current provinces were declared drought disaster areas. According to environmental scientists, global warming is predicted to double in the next 50 years, tripling the risk of drought.

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Of course, what this means for us is that our present water supply system is stressed and overwhelmed, since it was designed for a stable climate. Q: The history of Apartheid and the Homeland System, as well as the lingering effects of these systems of oppression, play a role in the book. Also includes a series of group images. Robert Eberhardt Photograph Collection, Includes many aerial images of the San Diego coastline from Tijuana to Oceanside.

Subjects include scout cruisers, concrete tankers, work boats, fishery research vessels, maritime heraldry, Mission Bay, and the San Diego Rowing Club. Theodore G. Ellyson Photograph Collection, Photographic print copy of 2 photo albums. This collection documents early flying efforts and U. Navy aviation. Photographs of specific airplane and pilots including the Glenn Curtiss school, North Island, Coronado Polo Grounds, hangars, hydro-aeroplanes, aviation meets, first aeroplane hoisted aboard ship, and Hotel Del Coronado with aeroplane above.

Harry A. Jimmy Erickson Photograph Collection, ca. Also see PA , , , , , and Jimmy Erickson was the first man to photograph San Diego from the air as early as This collection documents the development of San Diego by way of aerial photography. Includes high and low altitude photographs. Balboa Park preservationist and Committee of founding member. This collection includes photographs of the construction, deterioration and preservation of Balboa Park mostly during the late s and throughout the s.

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Also photographs of Bea Evenson. Wayne Fabert Photograph and Note Collection, ss. Research done s. Collection of stereocards, cabinet cards, carte de visites, tintypes and other photographs relating to the San Diego area with emphasis on early San Diego and California photographers. This collection also includes notes on many San Diego and other photographers as well as biographical information on Lee Passmore, photographer and naturalist. Ranch, San Diego Courthouse, boundary monument at U. Several examples of cabinet cards by early California photographers.

Photographers include J. This collection consists of movie stills and stage performers performing. Contains copy negatives. An initial photograph in the collection by C. Herbert R.

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Fitch Photograph Collection, Several thousand glass plates, original negatives, duplicate negatives and original prints. Fitch was a prolific and longtime San Diego photographer.

Making up a large segment of the Title Insurance Photograph Collection see Core Collections , Fitch photographed between the s and s. Some of the photographs attributed to Fitch may have been the work of earlier photographers whose work he purchased. Loose photographs, photograph albums, cabinet cards, copy negatives, and carte-de-visites. This group of photographs includes materials relating to the family of Edward Fletcher and to the work on various water projects in San Diego County in the early twentieth century.

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Fletcher Family Collection, ca. Duplicate negatives from glass lantern slides. San Diego family and water resources developers.

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community

Partially arranged by subject. Frye and Charles A. Smith ran a San Diego printing company. This collection documents San Diego businesses, the Exposition, civic events, recreational activities and other subjects.

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Includes both aerials and ground images. Subjects include aviation, the Convair Plant, the back country, Balboa Park Exposition buildings and events, banks, beach scenes, boats, automobiles, auto dealers and service stations, construction companies, Crescent Wharf Warehouse Co. Listing of subjects. No listing of unprocessed materials. This collection consists of photograph albums, news clippings, photographs and other ephemeral materials. This collection documents the activities of the Palmer Bros. Also advertisements for the Silverado and Momart ballrooms dancing and photographs of Jack Dempsey in boxing trunks.

John Lewis Geddes Photograph Collection, s. Documents San Diego area adobe buildings and ranches. Collection includes photographs and captions relating to many nineteenth century or earlier adobe structures and ranches in San Diego County.

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Included are F. Irving Gill Architectural Photograph Collection, Documents architectural work of Irving Gill. Images include interior and exterior views of houses, institutions, churches, and other buildings designed by Gill. James Chapel. Includes residences of Paul Mittimore, Charles L. Tutt, Ellen B. Scripps, Annie B. Danst, Melville Klauber, Charles P. Douglas, Mary Cossitt, and Alice Lee.

Also see Photograph Reference Books relating to architecture. Mostly this collection consists of photograph albums and loose prints taken by Mary Lucia Griffith Kemp. Includes family trips to Clifton, Colorado and Kalona, Iowa. Images also include members of the Samuel I.

Fox family.

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Item level inventory available. There are also positive prints of many San Diego military bases. The unprocessed images may not be accessible.

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