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Because your leg muscles have atrophied. Just two weeks of non-use and you might need six months of therapy to walk normally again. If you let your leg muscles atrophy you will get left behind. They atrophy in about ten days of non-use. I saw this first hand and decided to change up my routine and never take a day off from coming up with 10 ideas. In my quest for satisfaction and fulfilment in my daily life, ideation is my way of exhaling and identifying those actions which may bring me even greater satisfaction.

If my notions can be brought to life and have a positive impact on those around me too, even better. This is just my story of what fuels my Daily Routine. I encourage you to review yours and create your own custom version. If you did find this post useful, grab a free copy of this worksheet to help you generate your next big idea. Click below! Get Free Email updates! Definitely checking out those Aqua Notes! One question: Why do you need to email something to Evernote from your phone or computer? You can access Evernote either way, right? Just a personal preference I guess.

Great post Chris! Everything is in sync no matter where you are: computer, laptop, app, tablet…etc. Altucher is an incredible blogger as well, he actually changed my life, when I decided to take a gap year instead of going to university to focus on more important stuff.

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Definitely worth checking his blog. Interesting post. From what I understand you are doing it slightly differently. Deep in my head I knew I had to stop the traffic jam but never thought of how to strategically execute it. Thanks for the post! I recently finished the book, its very very interesting. Great question Phil! To be honest, a lot of it comes from inspiration or synchronicity. One if my gifts is that I can easily come up with new ideas. The last days I was thinking about a method or tool how I can categorize them, which one to follow first or which one to drop.

Do you know Slight Edge? I love daily habits too :.

What are your current 34 daily things you do no matter what? Have you checked out my free eBook? But really, it seems to come down to intuition and being guided to act on certain ideas over others for me at least. Intuition is a really wise ingredient! Curiously I learnt this from architecture — are the plans cohesive with the sections? How about the plans with the fronts? I even use this method for my sewing projects :D.

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I received the recommendation for the Slight Edge book from a golf pro. Robbins :. Go for it! Thank you for such a wonderful article.

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I will come out with more ideas after this reading. Hey great post. Curious nosy question: what are the other 34 non negoshe things you do each day?! Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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  6. I really enjoyed that post. Well put article, must retweet it is sometimes hard to explain the 10 ideas concept to family and friends. I too used to use Evernote and whatever paper in front of me but now use ten ideas today for iPad and iPhone. As a person who writes every day, I can safely say that constant creativity is indeed VERY difficult! I am surprised at how difficult it is to come up with an original article every day. After sometime the steam just runs out and i have to take a break from my writing!

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    However, I have found that keeping an eye of the news section of google in my industry and searching through forums helps me come up with new topics that people would want to read on but are not well covered by existing blogs. Thank you for the new tips. The shower trick is one that i have never tried before. Super inspiring article. Thank you Chris. I came across this post as I was looking into the 10 ideas a day thing. Just wanted to say this is a really great post and I have gone away with some very useful advice. Hey Chris, this is extremely an awesome write up on daily routines.

    I loved it and from now I will write 10 ideas on daily basis so creative juices can flow. Currently I am performing my morning routine. Chris, You were the one from whom I learnt about this 10 ideas trick and got introduced to James Altucher. I like it.